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The Problem

Challenges of translating Svejk into English
The Good Soldier Svejk lurks on the far periphery of the literary consciousness of the English-reading public.
Why haven't YOU heard about Svejk?
The Task of the Translator - "A real translation is transparent; it does not cover the original, does not block its light"
"Our translations, even the best ones, proceed from a wrong premise".

Inside the Book

Introduction to the new English translation of the "Good Soldier Svejk."
Translator's Note in Book Two
Translator's Note in Book(s) Three And Four
The Austrian Ministry of Military Affairs remembered Svejk, just in time to help the monarchy out of its current mess.
Why our edition of Svejk does not contain the famous illustrations by Josef Lada

Here are the grotesque pictures Hašek never saw.

Coverage by the Press

Can This Book Be Saved? - Chicago Reader, July 16, 1999
Found in the translation: a Czech hero for our times - The Oregonian, December 24, 2000
Soldier of Misfortune - Chicago Tribune, August 9, 2000
The resurrection of the Good Soldier Svejk -, July 18, 2000

Responses to the Book

"It will have you splitting your sides with laughter. And it's a great current affairs reader."

Publishing History

Tens of millions of people around the world can't be wrong! This book is a gas! Join the ranks of those who KNOW SVEJK!


"There's already this theory that to rape girls of another nationality is the best means of protecting against degeneration."

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Errata - a list of corrections

Errata for the paperback version of Book One of The Fateful Adventures of The Good Soldier Svejk During the World War.